It’s Easy Being Green

IMG_20140508_144506I’m sure it doesn’t always feel easy to be green. Just ask Kermit. But as far as I’m concerned, once you change your habits, it is pretty easy after all. Even just a little bit greener is better. Bethel recently hosted it’s annual Green Up day, a citizen initiative put on by environmental and community evangelists Jessie Perkins and Jackie Cressy. The turnout was strong and the weather, after a cold spring and downright frigid winter, was just right for picking up trash. After a good hour or so of trash hauling I was beginning to feel like a hobo, complete with bag (which I found in the woods) slung over my shoulder and an empty bottle of Sutter Home in my pack. The feeling was good.

Sure, you can buy a hybrid car, some solar panels, and a whole host of other environmentally friendly options, but these are not always affordable. Remember, being green is in the little things. One of my favorite stories comes from my Mother’s kindergarten classroom where a child would occasionally come up to her asking which side of the paper they were supposed to be working on. ¬†Instead of using freshly processed white paper,my mother would make copies on reusedpaper from school notices, letters, etc. The kids quickly caught on, and I hope still remember that subtle lesson. My girlfriend, Sarah, reuses envelopes from the mail for list making. They are the perfect size for the weekly grocery list. I always try to find a second life for an item and am an avid composter, much like my dad.


Start today with one small thing. Invest in a travel cup instead of buying bottles of water. Throw your hershey’s kiss wrapper in the recycling instead of the trash. (Yep, they’re aluminum.) Read a book or blog on green practices. Reuse something.Walk or bike somewhere instead of driving. Pick up one piece of trash. Inflate the tires on your car, which will help you save gas. Turn out the lights when you leave a room. Each of these by themselves may not seem like much, but the more good habits we form, the more we all save. Really, it is easy being green. Sorry Kermit.

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