No, it is not part of the Mormon religion. Just asked my husband- he was raised Mormon. But, this is something my husband, and hipsters, and lumberjacks alike engage in.

Admittedly, up until now, I thought the word was pogontomy. Please ignore our misspell on the video. We are all learning here! Now consider yourself schooled and go find some bearded man to ask if he is into pogonotomy. And don’t forget to watch the video!

Words With Amanda

That's Amanda. She loves words, especially if they are wacky. Maybe that's because she is so mouthy.

That’s Amanda. She loves words, especially if they are wacky. Maybe that’s because she is so mouthy. Seriously, she talks a lot.

I’ve always been a fan of language. I appreciate good grammar and (as my Aunt Gale and Grammy Janet would call them) $.50 words. Last year I shot a TV commercial for the local access channel, which came with a 20 second sponsorship segment. But what to do? Enter my super hip pal Nora and Words With Amanda was born. On a quiet day at Sunday River, donning my best tweed jacket, we found a fireplace and set up the camera. Think Masterpiece Theater, Nabos style. Now here’s the catch. I don’t know any of the words before I read them. Not one. Not even a clue if I’m saying them right. So this is how it works….in between takes, Nora clips a word and definition into my book, and I open it and read. One take only on each word. Ok, except for that one I flubbed so badly that it had to have a re-do. The words are hysterical, some antiquated, almost all obscure, and did I mention hysterical? I think Nora’s biggest goal was to get me to snort on camera. Yeah, I’m a snorter. No surprise there, huh. And boy did she. I’m posting a word a week from last season on my YouTube channel (YOU WILL BE SERIOUSLY CHEATING YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T WATCH THIS) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOxz7m6PqWwjQ4dxnDwXWuA and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NabosGifts?ref=hl. If you want to see this season’s words (which even I haven’t seen yet), then you’d better tune into Channel 7 for the weekend morning show. It is worth it. I promise. So go forth, expand your vocabulary, and have a pizzazzy and possibly gambrinous day.