So You Want to Know What’s Inside.

We opened our Bethel shop in 2011, then moved up the street to a funky old garage in 2013. Going from the back of a barn to the center of town was a big deal. It came with huge display windows, think service garage doors, and we jazzed it all up with bright colors. Still, I hear it all the time, “I’ve been meaning to come in. I wondered what you had in here.” If you haven’t stepped foot in the store yet, prepared to be amazing. I love the ‘wow’ look a new customer gets upon entering.

Recently I was approached by a real estate agent in town. Cassie, from Cassie Mason Real Estate, ( had a new blog idea and wanted to showcase all of the gems Bethel has to offer. Boy, wasn’t I excited to be her first test subject. We had so much fun making this video and I feel it really captures the heart of what Nabos has to offer. If you’ve never been in, now you’ll see what you’ve been missing. If you’ve been in before, we’d love to see you again!

Check us out, and when you’re done, take a peek at Cassie’s site to see more of what our area has to offer.

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