Martina Welcomes Bethel’s Paw of Approval

Paw of ApprovalIf you’re like me, you are always trying to find pet-friendly places to travel. I will go just about anywhere, but the dog comes too. I reckon I’ve spent more time over the last 6 1/2 years with Martina than anyone else, including my husband. Martina and I are a team. She even comes to work with me everyday. Hey, she has to earn her kibble somehow, and she excels as head of the customer service department. When the weather is nice and the front door is open, Martina will wander out to the parking lot and greet customers at their car door, leading the way into the shop and pointing them straight to the goods. And by goods, I mean the jar of dog biscuits that sits on the corner of the desk. She can’t help herself, she is all lab at heart, and her heart lives in her stomach. She can hear the UPS and FedEx trucks a mile away (they always have treats) and she knows the sound of Sandy’s car in the lot. A liver treat is about to happen. A walk to up to the bank never hurts either. The tellers at Northeast let Martina come right up to the counter, where she will stand with her paws resting on the teller’s window and snout in prime munching position. Biscuit please. And if Mel is working, forget it. They have a whole routine down pat. Martina hoovers up crumbs from lunch, and Mel always shares a bite or two, whether it’s watermelon or crackers, or the end crust of a sandwich. When it’s finally quitting time, there is one more treat waiting out in Mel’s car. Martina never forgets that part.

That’s one of the greatest parts about Bethel. Everyone loves dogs. Most shops welcome them in, or even have a shop dog on duty. There is always a happy furry face outside of DiCocoa’s café.  Many inns are pet friendly (especially the Paws Inn) and we have two boarding houses and doggie day cares in town, Tucker’s Dog House and Barker Brook Kennels. We have many activists in the rescue arena and miles of woods to hike in and lakes and rivers to splash in. Now if we could only get a dog park. Round one lost, but hopefully citizens will eventually realize that it is a huge draw that has been an amazing economic success in other areas, as well as a social outing destination for pets and owners alike. Enter National Geographic Magazine and The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel by Kelly E. Carter. Out of the thousands and thousands of Matina Mascotcities in the good ol’ US of A, they chose Bethel as one of the top 75 dog friendly destinations, and bestowed upon our small town the Paw of Approval. Martina and I think this is a HUGE deal! So, tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your pets, go pick up this book, then come visit us. Dogs are always welcome.

Read more about our Paw of Approval:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=759&cntnt01returnid=53

More about Kelly E. Carter’s book:


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