So You Want to Know What’s Inside.

We opened our Bethel shop in 2011, then moved up the street to a funky old garage in 2013. Going from the back of a barn to the center of town was a big deal. It came with huge display windows, think service garage doors, and we jazzed it all up with bright colors. Still, I hear it all the time, “I’ve been meaning to come in. I wondered what you had in here.” If you haven’t stepped foot in the store yet, prepared to be amazing. I love the ‘wow’ look a new customer gets upon entering.

Recently I was approached by a real estate agent in town. Cassie, from Cassie Mason Real Estate, ( had a new blog idea and wanted to showcase all of the gems Bethel has to offer. Boy, wasn’t I excited to be her first test subject. We had so much fun making this video and I feel it really captures the heart of what Nabos has to offer. If you’ve never been in, now you’ll see what you’ve been missing. If you’ve been in before, we’d love to see you again!

Check us out, and when you’re done, take a peek at Cassie’s site to see more of what our area has to offer.

In the Press

People who discover our quintessential little mountain town are liable to fall right in love with it. If you ask someone who lives here how they got here, the answer often starts with, “I moved here to be a ski bum back in xxxx.” This statement rings true with me as I am now celebrating my 10th year of living in the Sunday River area. It’s now been five years since Nabos opened its doors here and we have gotten to know our community, participated in Bethel’s Real Maine Wedding, and received accolades from the Rising Star Entreprenuer award to being voted the best local gift shop five years running. This past week I was thrilled to find out that we were mentioned in Maine Magazine along with many other great spots in town. Pick up the latest edition, or read the article linked below. You’ll see just why us Bethelites love where we live.

Click here to find out what Maine Magazine said about us:

Becoming a Better Cyclist


About a decade ago, I started road riding. Over the years, I’ve upgraded bikes twice, participated in various biking events, and started riding with a group. Each time I get on my bike I think of all the tips I’ve gathered over the years and how they have shaped me into the cyclist I am today. So, I’m here to share with you some of the things I’ve learned, both the hard way, and the easy way.



Enjoying the Women’s Ride in Freeport, Maine.

1. Pump it up. Your tires, that is.

This was a lesson learned the hard way. The very first Trek Across Maine that I ever participated in, I had no idea what I was doing. I was on an old cyclocross bike with little knobby tires and not nearly enough gears for my liking. I was trudging myself up a hill when a fellow biker told me I was looking a little flat in the rear. At the next rest stop, I checked in with a mechanic and found out I was nearly 40 psi under inflated. It didn’t sound like much, but when I hopped back on my bike, I couldn’t believe the difference. It was like I had a whole new set of legs.

When your tires are underinflated, you are working harder than you have to. Your tire should tell you the maximum air pressure. You certainly don’t need to inflate it to the max, but make sure it is close to that. It’s ok to leave a little wiggle room for rolling over things without popping your tire. If you are on a mountain bike, you will want to inflate much less than the max as to not get bounced over rocks, roots, and such. Even if you haven’t been riding recently, tires can lose air pressure due to temperature fluctuations. Invest in a good bike pump and use it.







No, it is not part of the Mormon religion. Just asked my husband- he was raised Mormon. But, this is something my husband, and hipsters, and lumberjacks alike engage in.

Admittedly, up until now, I thought the word was pogontomy. Please ignore our misspell on the video. We are all learning here! Now consider yourself schooled and go find some bearded man to ask if he is into pogonotomy. And don’t forget to watch the video!

Words With Amanda

That's Amanda. She loves words, especially if they are wacky. Maybe that's because she is so mouthy.

That’s Amanda. She loves words, especially if they are wacky. Maybe that’s because she is so mouthy. Seriously, she talks a lot.

I’ve always been a fan of language. I appreciate good grammar and (as my Aunt Gale and Grammy Janet would call them) $.50 words. Last year I shot a TV commercial for the local access channel, which came with a 20 second sponsorship segment. But what to do? Enter my super hip pal Nora and Words With Amanda was born. On a quiet day at Sunday River, donning my best tweed jacket, we found a fireplace and set up the camera. Think Masterpiece Theater, Nabos style. Now here’s the catch. I don’t know any of the words before I read them. Not one. Not even a clue if I’m saying them right. So this is how it works….in between takes, Nora clips a word and definition into my book, and I open it and read. One take only on each word. Ok, except for that one I flubbed so badly that it had to have a re-do. The words are hysterical, some antiquated, almost all obscure, and did I mention hysterical? I think Nora’s biggest goal was to get me to snort on camera. Yeah, I’m a snorter. No surprise there, huh. And boy did she. I’m posting a word a week from last season on my YouTube channel (YOU WILL BE SERIOUSLY CHEATING YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T WATCH THIS) and Facebook If you want to see this season’s words (which even I haven’t seen yet), then you’d better tune into Channel 7 for the weekend morning show. It is worth it. I promise. So go forth, expand your vocabulary, and have a pizzazzy and possibly gambrinous day.