How clean are you?

If there was a soap that your mother used to wash your mouth out with, it probably wasn’t this one. In fact, Whiskey River Soaps might encourage just the kind of foul language that got you a mouth full of suds in the first place.

IMG_20170308_155230_253 Made here in the US of A, these sassy glycerine soaps will leaving you feeling clean, and a bit dirty, at the same time. There is a scent to suit any personality. Morning people? Watch out, they can cut you. Hipsters? Smells like coffee, bacon, craft beer, and your beard. Then of course is the middle child, featuring a largely invisible scent. The hysterical packaging still has me in stitches. Just wait until you read the directions for use. They think of everything.

Now it’s your turn to let someone know just what you think of them. The only question is how to choose just one.

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